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Inner Dragon of Rowena HD by zargon-yokoshima Inner Dragon of Rowena HD by zargon-yokoshima
This is a remake of a drawing I did over 6 years ago, using the original line art as a sketch of sorts and going from there. It was always one of my favorite pieces, and up until recently it was my featured deviation this whole time. I redid it for my undergrad show when one of my gallery-mates suggested that since I like Asian art so much, I should make one of my digital pieces into a hanging scroll. I used a site called spoon flower to print it out on kona cotton at around a yard long, and she helped me to make a border for it and hang it.

I made quite a number of changes to the original, with the face being one of the largest, redrawn to reflect my current style. I also changed the design on her leg armor to go at a more appropriate angle, and made the clouds less transparent and more stylized. I always liked the composition of the piece, and this is why I elected to redo it in this fashion instead of completely redrawing it, which is why I chose not to do an improvement meme or something. It's just a much cleaner, more up to date version, even though I did rework it from nearly the ground up.

Here is the original for comparison: [link]

Scroll version: [link]
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November 30, 2012
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